What you can find in this issue:

 1. Propose Workshops before November 30!
 2. Apply for scholarships and join EL*C 2 in Kyiv!
 3. Find out about EL*C new board members and dykerectors!
 4. Follow all the news on lesbian politics, media, economics and gossips in Europe and Central Asia!


1.    Propose a workshop for EL*C 2 in Ukraine before November 30

At the last EL*C, the participants had the choice to attend sessions on European policies for lesbians, Lesbian politics of sex, Lesbianizing the media and so many others. Please make the best of your lesbian genius and apply to present a workshop next April, in Kyiv. 

The theme of the conference is « BUILDING A MOMENTOUS LESBIAN MOVEMENT: LET’S BRING LESBIAN GENIUS TO THE WORLD ». We are waiting for your wildest, most serious and original propositions. All details and application forms in English, Russian and Ukrainian are here:


2.    Apply for a scholarship to attend EL*C 2 from 12 to 14 April 2019!

The European Lesbian* Conference offers funding for lesbians* who would otherwise be unable to participate in the conference for financial reasons.

All details and application forms in English, Russian and Ukrainian are here:


3.    Meet the 24 board members and Dykerectors of EL*C!

Please meet the 24 members of EL*C’s board coming from 18 different European or Central Asian countries.

Some of us called “Dykerectors” are also coordinating more specific tasks in the EL*C team. The truth is, we need all of you to keep this network growing and become even more powerful, organise the next conference in Kyiv, invade the media and politics with lesbian topics. So please come and join our task force!

Learn more about each of the board members on the « About EL*C » ‘button’ on our website.



4.    Find out about all the lesbian news in Europe and Central Asia on social media!

Follow us on Twitter ( @Eurolesbiancon ) and Facebook (EuropeanLesbianConference) to get some updates about what is going on for EL*C but also to learn about lesbian politics, news, activism, cultural productions, gossips in Europe and Central Asia.

We also use social media to advocate for lesbian rights and directly interpellate governments, institutions, individuals on that topic.

Please feed us with the news from your own places and come and share it on our Facebook Group.

Hope to hear from all of you soon (especially about those applications you need to fill before November 30!). Remember the EL*C team can help you advocate and communicate on lesbian topics in your country and make sure they reach the European level. Take care!