Maia Everett

Maia Everett

Novosibirsk State University: computer science. Senior Java developer. Languages: English (near native), Russian (native), Dutch (beginner). Lesbian trans woman, 30 years old. Volunteer activist (T9 NSK Service project for transgender people and their close ones) for 2,5 years. Translator (English-Russian and Russian-English) for the project, visual identity designer (web and printing materials), maintainer of the project website and IT infrastructure. Now also working on an IT security training course for activists.

Translesbophobia: The time for alliances has come!

Lesbian* Room 1, 1st Floor

Workshop summary on Translesbophobia: The time for alliances has come! How to conceptualize violence against transgender people – hate crime or gender-based violence? By Mari-Liis Sepper European human rights and equality institutions as well as feminist movements have yet to make up their mind on should the violence against trans gender people be dealt in […]