EL*C 2022 Activity Report

The year 2022 has been extremely challenging and has therefore produced many concrete results. First of all, as already mentioned in the introduction, we have been mobilised by an important series of aid actions in Ukraine.  

The implementation of the “Partnership agreement” with the European Commission allowed us to strengthen our procedures and internal organisation, to enlarge our network, to prepare a first cycle of training for the different lesbian associations on the ground and to carry out an even more precise and qualitative advocacy with our partners.

We also organised two major events, the third EL*C conference in Budapest and for the first time the International Lesbian Visibility Awards.

Our presence in the media (mainstream and social networks) was very important, allowing us to give visibility to a wide range of lesbian experiences.

Last but not least, our advocacy and research work has generated a great amount of groundbreaking new data on lesbians’ lives. 2022 was also the year when a more structured approach to advocacy activities was possible and a continuous presence to decision making tables and to processes was finally achievable at all levels with a specific focus on EU institutions, the Council of Europe and United Nations.

Read full report: ELC Activity Report 2022