Lesbians* in Europe: «Connect, Reflect, Act, Transform»

European Lesbian* Conference

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One of the main goals of the conference was to provide a space for lesbians* to develop a political agenda and a working programme for the European lesbian* movement in order to increase our impact and visibility in all spheres.


EL*C Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe
EL*C Infographics Brief Report (web)
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  First edition of the EL*C’s annual „Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe”- an  ongoing endeavour meant to capture and synthesize aspects of lesbian* experiences throughout Europe. The report highlights recent empirical findings on lesbian* lives in various European countries, focusing on the topics Discrimination and Health in its first edition. We will address the methodology and data sources used in the report, highlight important key findings as well as crucial limitations, and make recommendations for various stakeholders involved in the promotion of lesbian* well-being throughout Europe.


How can we make 2017 a pivotal year for lesbians* in Europe? All the ingredients are already available. In most European countries, lesbians* have been at the forefront of social and political changes. Nevertheless, the energy, creativity, research and activist skills developed by lesbians* during the last 20 years lack visibility and recognition. To counter this state of affairs, the European Lesbian* Conference will take place in Vienna on October 6-8, 2017, the International Lesbian Day. The goal of the EL*C conference is to create an academic/activistic/artistic/literary space, where lesbians* will be able to express themselves without fear of being ignored or discriminated against. The conference will serve as a skills-and-knowledge-sharing platform for its diverse representation of attendees.

The European Lesbian* Conference promotes intersectionality in all exchanges, by promoting friendly non-violent communication, a non-hierarchical approaches and affirmative actions for those who do not have easy access to different types of resources.


The organising process involves promoting the engagement of lesbians* with a diverse and interdisciplinary space open to all ethnic and religious backgrounds, lesbians* of colour, of different ages, and/or of various degrees of ability.

Our aim is to hold an inclusive European lesbian* conference. We insist on calling it a “lesbian” conference although we recognize that, as with any category or label, it may be contested and insufficient to describe the diversity of our communities. However, using the word “lesbian” is part of the political struggle for visibility, empowerment and representation. Anyone who considers themselves to have a connection to the word ‘lesbian*’ is invited to come and join us in our dialogues. We use ‘lesbian*’ with an asterisk to encourage a broad range of people to join us – yet we wish to promote the use of the term ‘lesbian*’ as there still remains a large political and cultural struggle for lesbian* visibility, empowerment and representation.

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