NEWS European Lesbian* Conference 2017, 17 March 2017

Dear all, 
lots of great news from our European Lesbian* Conference. 

In this Newsletter, you will find updates about:
1. The official registration of E*LC
2. The title of the conference and the call for papers
3. The new meeting of the Vienna team
4. The visit of EL*C to the Lesbian Lives Conference in Brighton
5. The way you can promote EL*C in your city

We wish you all a pleasant Weekend!


EL*C is proud to announce its official registration as an NGO:

Since March 3rd 2017, the European Lesbian* Conference is officially registered as an NGO, under Austrian law. On behalf of the cohort of activists supporting the initiative were Mariella Müller and Michaela Tulipan signing as co-founders. The registration symbolizes an important concrete step for the EL*C since Europe-based lesbian activists decided, in October 2016, to create an association dedicated to strengthening and shedding light on the lesbian movement in the region.

About the term European? The organisers want to provide space for promoting a variety of lesbian* auto-identifications throughout Europe and beyond. At the same time we recognise that ‘Europe’ is a contingent category itself. Our invitation is open to all those who find the term ‘European’ a comfortable fit and especially to those who find the term ‘European’ problematic in the times and spaces in which they live or originate from.


1st European Lesbian* Conference themed “Lesbians in Europe: Connect, Reflect, Act, Transform!”: Open call for papers, workshops, conferences, performances, artworks, and interdisciplinary forms of expression:

EL*C is now accepting proposals for its 1st European Lesbian* Conference, which will be held in Vienna, Austria, between 6-8 October, 2017. Academics, scholars, researchers, political and cultural activists, artists and/or lesbian* collectives, are invited to submit an abstract based on the EL*C’s theme: “Lesbians in Europe: Connect, Reflect, Act, Transform!” We are looking for proposals as wide and wild as lesbian realities can be; these can include papers, presentations, workshops, political debates, performances, artworks and interdisciplinary forms of expression that will fulfil and enlarge the space of the 1st EL*C conference.

The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday 28 May 2017. To apply, please email: with heading “EL*C 2017 Open Call Application”. The selection will be made by the 25th of June and shortlisted applicants will be contacted shortly thereafter.

The paper application form is available on the website


2nd EL*C conference planning meeting in Vienna a success:

The second planning meeting for EL*C ‘s 1st European Lesbian* Conference took place on March 3rd, at the Rosa Lila Villa, Vienna. Once again, the meeting was met with a positive turn up, with over 30 activists from various personal and professional backgrounds present; as a result, tangible progress is in the making on the various planning fronts, such as program & content, media, and sponsoring & fundraising. The next planning meeting will take place on 31st of March in Café Willendorf, located inside the Rosa Lila Villa in Vienna. Upcoming meetings are open to anyone interested in supporting the planning process, and making the 1st European Lesbian* Conference a thought-provoking, exciting and fun event. More details can be found on EL*C’s Facebook.


EL*C travels to Brighton University for the Lesbian Lives Conference:

To promote its mission and vision, EL*C has been travelling to various lesbian-focused conferences and events in Europe. For example, the EL*C team took part in the 2017 Lesbian Lives Conference at Brighton University (24-25 February), where it was met with great enthusiasm, and able to rally up additional EL*C partners and supporters. For more details on what was shared by the EL*C, watch the following video


Promoting the EL*C around Europe:

Order EL*C Stickers:
EL*C stickers have been ordered by multiple lesbians and lesbian-led groups across Europe to help with the promotion of both its creation and the 1st European Lesbian* Conference – Vienna, Austria, 6-8 October 2017. To order stickers to help spread the word, please email:

EL*C in your city:

Look out for EL*C-led meetings and activities happening in your city. As EL*C members are spread throughout Europe, so are the initiatives they organize. Meetings have already taken place in Rome, Paris, Zürich and Vienna. If you would like EL*C to promote your event or mention it in our upcoming newsletter, please email:


For updated information on the 1st European Lesbian* Conference, please visit:
Facebook: Europeanlesbianconference

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EL*C Working Groups: Alice Coffin, Anastasia Danilova, Aurora Baba, Biljana Ginova, Maria von Känel, Mariella Müller, Natia Gvianishvili, Silvia Casalino, Katrin Gygax, Julia Pałejko, Julia Maciocha, Nicole Emmenegger, Ilaria Todde, Anastasia Andreou, Eliana Afaniotou, Daniela Danna, Docile Alseikaite, Valeria Roberti, Joliet Lamberights and Lovis Cassaris.

EL*C Host City Vienna: Mariella Müller, Dziedzic Ewa, Michaela Tulipan, Katie Kace and many more volunteers!