„Fields of Tension“ by Maria and Gudrun Salamon

maria salamon is an austrian violinist, composer and artist. her musical experience is extremely diverse and multifaceted, ranging from virtuous solo tunes to large scale pieces. her compositions have been performed all over the world. as a violinist, she has been awarded with several prizes, both for her solo playing and for her ensembles.

gudrun salamon is an austrian singer, vocal artist and psychosocial counselor. working with constellations from duo to large choirs, she is able to express her unique voice in a vast musical environment. experienced in the styles of musical, jazz and avantgarde, she performed all over the globe, and enjoys combining different backgrounds and views as well as linking different worlds of life and thought.

fields of tension is an artistic collaboration between life partners. maria and gudrun salamon have been working together since 2011, playing their music at concerts in vienna and around the world. fields of tension is the result of an intense process they have been dedicating themselves to over the last few years, both creatively and personally. combining sound, thought, and emotion, maria salamon wrote the music for this project, whereas gudrun salamon composed the lyrics.