“Katzenball” (87 Min.) + Q&A (20 Min.) with Veronika Minder

Curator, Filmmaker and woman of culture, Veronika Minder was born in 1948, lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. She is involved in many different cultural events and has been one of the main influences on the Bern cultural landscape for over 40 years.

During her studies – History of Art, Archeology, and Publishing – she took part (under the influence of the Flower-Power and the Hippie movements at the time) in the election for City Council in 1971 with a program called: “A red heart for a green Bern”.

After her graduation in the end of the 1970s she worked in a coop record shop, organized events, fashion shows, and concerts. From 1988 on she was for 12 years deeply involved in the Bern cinema scene. As the managing director of the Kellerkino, and later the Kino Cosmos, she is one of the main instigators of many festivals and retrospectives, as for example the FrauenFilmTage Schweiz (a women film festival later called NouVelles), Queersicht (a gay and lesbian film festival) and the Zauberlaterne Bern (films for children).

Since 2001 until 2010 she has worked as cultural adviser and curator for museums, music and theater productions, festivals in Switzerland and Germany.