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The challenges and needs of lesbians* are largely underrepresented. The lesbian* community in Europe is very diverse, depending on the society they live in and must adapt to. But there are common sticking points which prevent progress for lesbians*.
By creating a safe space where lesbians* will be able to express themselves without fear of being ignored or discriminated against, by supporting  diversity and intersectionality in all spheres of communication, by promoting friendly non-violent communication, and a non-hierarchical approach and affirmative actions for those who don’t have any access to resources, the conference will: Discuss specific needs and challenges of lesbians* within community and society; Exchange knowledge and experience between lesbians* across Europe and provide space for networking and alliances; Expand all kind of visibilities of lesbians* throughout Europe; Empower all underrepresented groups of the lesbian* community; Set a long-term dynamic and agenda for lesbians* to strengthen their position as a group and as individuals in European societies; Contribute to general social changes in Europe by sharing the feminist situated lesbian experience.

This conference is the first in of a series of annual conferences that aim to expand networks, share knowledge and experience, and boost the visibility of lesbians* in our societies.