RMQS / „Raising My Queer Self“ by Lori Baldwin & Luiza Moraes

AVOEC was established by Luiza Moraes and Lori Baldwin, who met in Budapest in 2013. AVOEC creates work that disrupts binaries, embraces uncertainty and revels in quiet spectacles. Working between the realms of performance, theatre and live art, their pieces are concerned with the experimental edges of traditional art making.

RMQS (Raising My Queer Self) is a versatile performance that combines text, movement, sound, presence and absence as it engages with issues surrounding being queer – particularly within the process of growing up in an environment that is not accepting of a non-hetero identity. It creates a queer feminist framework for addressing questions of (not) belonging, eroticism and gender. The artists’ personal experiences and questions work as a reference point. From this, they connect to a wider socio-political context, building a score which forms the backbone of the piece. A space of vulnerability and non-invasive exposure is created through the act of challenging an identitiary comfort zone and inhabiting the score in the present moment.