Overcoming patriarchal power control in our lesbian relationships

Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

From the birth we are constructed by family order ruled by power and control system.  Hatred against women and lesbians is imbedded in the social rules. When we start our first lesbian love story we miss knowledge that childhood systems of love and fear together with hatred toward lesbians will enter in our intimate relationship.   Statistics say that in societies where lesbians have more than 5 relationships, in at least one of them there was example of control or violence.  We need to talk about this theme – to understand patriarchal oppressions that are reflected in our relationships, to be able to make our lesbian beloved into friends not enemies.

We will share stories on love and control in lesbian intimate relationships – from ArciLesbica Italy, Belgrade Counseling for Lesbians, Germany and will open for examples from other places.


Giovanna Camertoni,  feminist counselor in the the  Center against violence TRENTO, from feminist Network against violence D.iRE, lesbian activist ArciLesbica, Italy

Lepa Mladjenovic, feminist counselor, Counseling for Lesbians Belgrade, lesbian activist.

Ulrike Janz, feminist lesbian activist, Germany – moderator

Lesbians* ACT