Evening Program: Lesbian* Virtual Archive (L*AW)

1st Floor Danubius Hotel Hungaria

Lesbian* Virtual Archive (L*AW) is the first source of knowledge about lesbian* culture in Poland.But this is not a typical archive. L*AW not only collects facts, but also arranges them thematically and interprets them artistically. http://lesbijskiearchiwumwirtualne.pl/ During the meeting, we will talk about Polish culture, show artifacts and video materials. The starting point will be the L*AW box which has drawers with lesbian* gadgets – labrys, mustache, lavender, etc. We are interested in the similarities and differences in perception of lesbian* culture in different places around the world. So we will ask the participants about their personal associations related to their native culture with artgadgets. We all create a lesbian* archive.

The meeting will be hosted by Agnieszka Małgowska and Monika Rak (Sistrum Association. Space Of Lesbian* Culture http://sistrum.org.pl/)