Chris Mazarese

Chris Mazarese

Education: religious studies

Has 20 years of experience in training future preschool teachers at the UCLL (University College Leuven-Limburg)

Current function/focus within the organisation: religion, drama and (lack of) equal opportunities due to socio-economic status

Researcher at UCLL regarding multimedia in young children and (lack of) equal opportunities due to socio-economic status

Spokesperson for Holebihuis Vlaams-Brabant (the regional rainbow umbrella organisation of the Flemish province of Flemish-Brabant;

Director at
Musician at ‘Cherchez La Femme’

Gender stereotypes in different education systems within Europe

Lesbian* Room 1, 2nd Floor

Gender issues in preschool: an additional opportunity towards equal opportunities in education By Chris Mazarese A teacher’s specific approach and tools used has the biggest impact on the game far more so than the influence gender has in and of itself. We would like to share our research, observations and findings on the topic.