Estelle Prudent

Estelle Prudent


Estelle PRUDENT lives and works in the 93 (suburbs of Paris)
A multidisciplinary artist, most of his artistic work concerns queer and / or black representations in France.
Focusing on the discriminatory space but also by French colonial history.

Instagram account: estelle.prudent


Through the “LITTLE SH * ET” project
Inviting exploration and resumption of power over discriminations and oppressions specific to Queer and / or black identities.
This project is based on drawing and writing and will be broadcast in a collective exhibition with the participants.

QUEERSUPERPOWER is a photography project allowing to be a radical alternative and a critical positioning on the empowerment representations of queer and raced identities.
Free shoot inviting to a restitution of Queer representation and or racialized in their realities.
“A space created by us and for us.