Heghine Babayan

Heghine Babayan

Heghine Babayan helps womyn to create safe communities where they can practice empowerment self-defence as a tool of resistance, empowerment and safety. I am an experienced human rights defender with a path of over 8 years, with a good understanding of the difficulties and the challenges, as well as the specific risks faced by and protection need of the LGBTIQ+, womyn HRDs, and the feminists in EECA region. Deeply interested in holistic security and in managing risks associated with the use of digital information, its protection, and communication.

Self Defense Workshop

Room Erzsébet Galgóczi

In this session, we learn how to strengthen our minds and bodies against lesbophobia and against discrimination. The session is focused on both empowerment and self-defense training, learning techniques in an integral way, covering psychological, emotional and physical part.