Iryna Lazorevych

Iryna Lazorevych

Iryna Lazorevych – volunteer, activist, coordinator of the medical advocacy direction of the NGO “Cohort” (this organization works with the trans* community). Since the beginning of the war, Iryna has been volunteering at the LGBT+ shelter in the city of Chernivtsi: she helps the residents of the shelter with finding LGBTQI friendly doctors and paying for treatment. Trainer of information and educational projects on the topic of gender equality, elimination of stereotypes and prejudices, human and personal dignity, etc. Writer, poet, author of the poetry collection “Drown.You”. PhD in religious studies. Wrote a dissertation on the sacred in modern culture.

Lesbians and War

Room Olha Kobylianska

In this session, we hear from Ukrainian lesbians on the ground fleeing war as they share their experience of coordinating a shelter for LGBT community and the experience of working with the community in war conditions. We hear from organizers and volunteers as they take us through the challenges the face and they solutions they […]