Joanna Semeniuk

Joanna Semeniuk

Joanna Semeniuk is a Data Analyst at ING. A speaker on feminist and LGBT issues, she previously worked at the gender equality institute Atria. Joanna has been active in ING’s LGBT network GALA since 2008, where she is dedicated to making LGBT inclusion a reality in all countries where ING is present. Her workshop at the Workplace Pride conference on Rainbow Families led to board-level support and a project to assess and align HR policies for non-traditional families. Born and raised in Poland, Joanna lives in Amsterdam with her wife and their two small children. She is a co-founder of Women@Workplace Pride.

Lesbians* in the workplace in Europe: the contribution we are when we’re out at work

Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

Workshop description: There are millions of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women across Europe. Most of them take active part in the labour market as employees, managers, freelancers or business owners. The purchasing power of lesbians* is immense yet the influence we can have on the workplace and society may not always be easily recognizable. Does […]