Leo Zbanke

Leo Zbanke

Leo Zbanke (sometimes written Zbancă) a film director, scriptwriter and LGBT activist. His lesbian comedy short “The Beginning ” in 2012 was selected to 23 film festivals in 19 countries. Since 2016 Leo is a trainer working with Erasmus+ programs around the Europe conducting training courses in storytelling, audiovisual tools and media literacy. Since 2022 he is working in GENDERDOC-M (Moldova) as a Coordinator of support group for transgender and gender non-comforting people. Leo is a a non-binary, trans masculine person his pronouns are he/him or they/ them.

Lesbian Storytelling

Room Audre Lorde

In this two-part workshop, we play with words surrounding communication strategies for activists and have some dedicated playtime amid an erotic writing circle. Leo Zbanca will guide us through learning about dramatic structure and storytelling tools which help communicate a message. Anna Adam believes that vocabular is politics, words are knives and language is our […]