Mag.a Katharina Payk

Katharina Payk is a (german born) Vienna based protestant theologian and (sex) paedagogue. As editor in chief she works at an.schläge. das feministische Monatsmagazin and holds lectorships in gender studies at different universities. She writes, researches and works on the topics of sexuality, fetish, gender, desire and dis_ability.

Bisexuality: between marginalisation and activist potential

Lesbian* Room 2, 2nd Floor

Dr. Renate Baumgartner, Mag.a Katharina Payk and Claudia Breitenberger Bsc. (all members of the “no*monos” group for bi*sexual/pansexuals) This workshop is as a moderated discussion including working in small groups and inputs by the moderators. Together with the participants we will discuss topics around bisexuality in the interplay between discrimination/marginalisation and activist potential. Bisexuality is […]

Lesbians* REFLECT