Mantsha Khuzwayo

Mantsha Khuzwayo

Mantsha Khuzwayo is a Durban based emerging writer. She is shy yet a great conversationalist, with a great sense of humor and a zest for life. Growing up in Clermont, one of the biggest townships in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, where the LGBTIQ+ community did not have spaces to be themselves, she vowed to not let that stop her from living her truth. Mantsha went on to organize safe space programs, gatherings and other social events, in which she earned the name Unkel (colloquial for Uncle).

She has written 2 books (self-published) a novel “Chronicles of a Single Lesbian” and a poetry book “The Different Faces of My Life: My Anthology”. To further hone and mold her writing skills she accepted the title of editor for the online magazine UniqMagazineSA. The magazine had awarded her a recognition award for great impact in the LGBTIQ+ community in 2017. An award she holds close to her heart as it’s her first from the community and for her writing

She then started her other love Behind the Books, the challenges she faced when trying to get her books published is what sparked the idea. She wanted to create an environment where creatives can come together and converse about their work, advice and inspire one another. Her vision is to start a new culture which encourages reading and writing in this digital age.

When she describes her writing to people she says she is a writer that writes for people to relate, for people to find solace, she writes for people to know they are not alone and she writes for life. She is currently working on 2 more books, a novel and a poetry book.

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