Oksana Kutynska

Oksana Kutynska

Oksana Kutynska – lesbian, math teacher, and refugee from Ukraine. Now living and working in the UK.
Fleeing from Ukraine at the beginning of the war became a start of a profound awareness of my identity, and myself as a person in society. I lived in Kyiv in my apartment, had an exciting job in a private school, and raised my son. The war in Ukraine destroyed my life and made me re-evaluate the values ​​of life.

Panel : Lesbian resistance in times of crisis : Ukraine

CEU Nador 15

Lesbians are at all times developing strategies to exist within societal norms and models that are in their nature oppressive and exclusionary of our communities. As lesbians and as feminists, in times of war – inherently patriarchal and unfeminist, we find ourselves trapped by borders and conflicts that are not ours. In this system dominated […]