Rainbows and Animal Liberation: Why we should include non-human animals in our struggle for equality

Avengers Room, 4th floor

Why should we include animal liberation in our struggle for human liberation? Coming from an (eco-)feminist and LGBTQIA* perspective, we will investigate interconnections of oppression with a focus on non-human animals, whilst also addressing links with other forms of oppression and discrimination. We draw from previous research, theorizing, and personal accounts, to explore how the patriarchy reinforces both the objectification of and violence towards humans (in particular women) and non-human animals. We will further talk about the specific exploitation of female animals, the links between the early feminist and animal liberation movements, and discuss the impact of animal agriculture on food (in-)justice, environmental destruction, climate change, and human health. This workshop is aimed at everyone who is involved in social justice movements and who is looking to gain further insights into mechanism of oppression.