India Kandel

India Kandel


Vegan LGBTQIA* eco-feminist anarchist and consistent anti-oppression activist.
Coming from a background in animal liberation and climate justice activism, she is now connecting the dots in her work at The Vegan Rainbow Project. She focuses on exploring the interconnections between the oppression of humans and non-human animals. She has lived in the UK and Spain for her studies and is now working as a research assistant and PhD student in Germany.

Rainbows and Animal Liberation: Why we should include non-human animals in our struggle for equality

Avengers Room, 4th floor

Why should we include animal liberation in our struggle for human liberation? Coming from an (eco-)feminist and LGBTQIA* perspective, we will investigate interconnections of oppression with a focus on non-human animals, whilst also addressing links with other forms of oppression and discrimination. We draw from previous research, theorizing, and personal accounts, to explore how the […]