Daniela Zysk

Daniela Zysk


Daniela Zysk is a lesbian activist who has worked with various major queer organisations and projects in and around Germany for over 20 years. Amongst others, she was a board member of the ColognePride and the Homochrom LGBTIQ* Film Festival, and co-founded the online magazine phenomenelle for lesbian, bisexual and queer women.

In recent years she has focused her activism on animal liberation, where she discovered the links between the oppression of non-humans and humans. She founded The Vegan Rainbow Project in order to increase visibility for vegan LGBTQIA* minorities and women, whilst at the same time drawing attention to global animal exploitation.

Rainbows and Animal Liberation: Why we should include non-human animals in our struggle for equality

Avengers Room, 4th floor

Why should we include animal liberation in our struggle for human liberation? Coming from an (eco-)feminist and LGBTQIA* perspective, we will investigate interconnections of oppression with a focus on non-human animals, whilst also addressing links with other forms of oppression and discrimination. We draw from previous research, theorizing, and personal accounts, to explore how the […]