Anastasia Danylevska

Anastasia Danylevska

I was born in Moscow on 17th of September in 1984. But for more than 20 years I live in Ukraine. More than 10 years I work as a graphic designer. Since 2010 I am the co-founder of the initiative LBT* group Spectrum. 2015-2017 – designer of visual images for KyivPride. I also do workshops on art therapy. In art therapy there are no limits, standards and limitations. This is one of the tools for working with mental health.

Physical and mental health: enough with the invisibility of lesbians in medicine and nursing!

Lesbian* Project Room 2, 2nd Floor

They don’t let it rain on their parade: Protective factors for mental health and physical well-being in sexual minority women* By Magdalena Siegel Research Team: Magdalena Siegel, Katharina Reigbert, Christiana Nöstlinger, & Dorothea König Sexual minorities, particularly sexual minority women*, face a heightened risk of developing mental or physical health problems compared to the heterosexually-identified […]