Anna Borgos

Anna Borgos

Anna Borgos is a psychologist and women’s historian, working as a research fellow in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Budapest. She is a founding member of Labrisz Lesbian Association, where she is engaged mostly in Hungarian lesbian herstory. She co-edited a volume of lesbian autobiographical writings, Előhívott önarcképek (Developed Self-Portraits) and a volume of interviews with elderly Hungarian lesbians, Eltitkolt évek (Secret Years), as well as a special issue (“Voicing Women in Eastern Europe”) of the Journal of Lesbian Studies with Judit Takács. Her book, Women in the Budapest School of Psychoanalysis: Girls of Tomorrow was published at Routledge in 2021

Lesbian archives

Room Olha Kobylianska

Several lesbian archives do exist, some others are disappearing, more do not know where to start with. The workshop will explore how to secure the existing archives (venues, funds,…), how to create new ones and how to use the tools at our disposal as lesbians and as activists and hear from activists in Belgium, France, […]