Loïse Tachon

Loïse Tachon

Loïse Tachon is a French feminist and lesbian activist based in Paris. She studied litterature, philosophy and sociology and worked in the book industry for several years before deciding to become a full-time activist. She volunteers at the Paris Lesbian Archives, also known as ARCL (Archives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes) and dedicates herself to get lesbians out of the closet of History. She is also one of the founding members of the organization that took over Violette and Co, the first French lesbian feminist LGBTQI+ bookstore and she will be working there at its reopening.

Lesbian archives

Room Olha Kobylianska

Several lesbian archives do exist, some others are disappearing, more do not know where to start with. The workshop will explore how to secure the existing archives (venues, funds,…), how to create new ones and how to use the tools at our disposal as lesbians and as activists and hear from activists in Belgium, France, […]