Carolina Frank

Carolina Frank

Carolina Frank is a photographer and nature-lover. She has been active in the local viennese queer-feminist scene for many years while being part of the organisational teams of ladyfest, queer-feminist days and the (queer-)feminist musicfestival rampenfiber. She has been working artistically in various collectives since a conviction of her is the belief in a mutually stimulating creativity in the common exchange. Carolina just recently adapted the workshop format for her artistic practice. Her interests lie within the human body and its abilities of movement, visually and physically.

Playful Fighting

Garuda Warrior Academy

ENGLISH ( below in German ) # 08.10.2017 // 15:00-18:00 // Playfight_playful confrontation in the frame of the European Lesbian* Conference The workshop ‘Playfight_playful confrontation’ is organised by Lau Lukkarila (FI/AT) and Carolina Frank (DE/AT). The workshop is open for all the conference participants as well as people from outside the conference, who consider themselves […]