Lau Lukkarila

Lau Lukkarila

Lau Lukkarila is a dancer and performance artist born in Oulu, Finland. They studied Applied Theatre in Finland and Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance in Spain and are working as a interdisciplinary artist, dancer, performer, curator, activist, teacher and producer. Their praxis includes plenty of improvisation, dialogue, collaboration, fantasies and disobedient strategies.

Playful Fighting

Garuda Warrior Academy

ENGLISH ( below in German ) # 08.10.2017 // 15:00-18:00 // Playfight_playful confrontation in the frame of the European Lesbian* Conference The workshop ‘Playfight_playful confrontation’ is organised by Lau Lukkarila (FI/AT) and Carolina Frank (DE/AT). The workshop is open for all the conference participants as well as people from outside the conference, who consider themselves […]