Danica Jovanovic

Danica Jovanovic

Danica Jovanovic – Born on 1977. MA in Busines management. Bisexual, Roma. Active in Roma feminist movement since 1998. President of the Association of Roma Novi Becej since 2000, one of founders and mentor and assistent of the Roma Women`s Center „Rromnjako Ilo“ since 2010. Roma Health mediator of the Minstry of Health, in muncipality Novi Becej in 2009. Certified for working with children – education and their quality social integration. She is a founder of the first SOS Helpline on minority languages in 2007 (Romanes, Romanian, Hungarian), and still the only of that kind in Serbia. Certified trainer for SOS Helpline consultants on the issue of specific position of Roma women and multi-marginalized women with experience of domestic violence.

Roma Women in Feminist and LGBTI Movements

Room Audre Lorde

Rromnjako Ilo (Serbia) wants to exchange related to specific position of Roma women/girls in feminist and LGBTI movements starting from the point that Roma women/girls are underrepresented and invisible to some extent in both movements. Their self-determination, low education and language does not allow them to become more active and increases inaccessibility for wider participation. […]


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