Silvia Casalino

Silvia Casalino


Silvia Casalino, France

Silvia Casalino is a lesbian activist, university teacher and filmmaker with a master degree in Space Engineering. From 2001 to 2018, she worked as project manager for the French Space Agency in Paris. In 2011, she directed her first documentary film, No Gravity addressing the journey of women in space technology. In 2017 she co-created the EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community. After 3 years of chairmanship, she’s currently the EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community international NGO Executive Co-Director.

Closing Panel : Lesbianizing the world

CEU Nador 15

Incredible, inspiring and fierce activists are resisting, leading fights and shining lesbian genius all over the world. As the final panel of the conference, we have the immense joy and honour to be joined by lesbians representing other regional networks to find common languages, build bridges, coordinate our strategies, learn from each other’s struggles and […]


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Who is afraid of the big bad dykes? Lesbians and the anti-gender movement

Lesia Room, 2nd floor

Public Round table “Anti-gender movements, nationalist and conservative attack on the rights of women and minorities: Ukrainian realities and international experience” During the round table we will talk about the challenges faced by LGBTQI and women’s movement in Ukraine, the conservative discourse, the nationalist and religious components in it. Why is gender equality in Ukraine […]


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