Drag King Blue

Drag King Blue

The man who has it all. Tender anger and bracing depression are his fuel. On stage somewhere between fury and ectasy, somewhere between lipsync queer and drama king. He likes cleaning and doing laundry, he loves to adore and to be adored. Co-founder of two Polish drag king collectives: Drag King Heroes and Brokatowa Wstęga Mobiusa.

Lesbian Party

Akvarium Klub

Who’s ready to party with lesbians? We are! We’re ending the EL*C #3 Conference in Budapest with a bang – Lesbian Party with amazing dyke DJs and Drag King performances to have you entertained and energized for days! ✧ DJs: Zora, Kali, DISKET ✧ ✦ Drag Kings: Maryjan Bear & Blue ✦