Drag King Maryjan Bear

Drag King Maryjan Bear

He is retro figure whose existence is a slap in the face of modernity, logic and aesthetics. That is patriarchal man, therefore fleeting but vital. He represents Sarmatian manhood, „truly” Polish in wedding and paternity style. Although… there is a surprise in him… Maryjan belongs to the oldest (by age) Drag King in Poland.

Lesbian Party

Akvarium Klub

Who’s ready to party with lesbians? We are! We’re ending the EL*C #3 Conference in Budapest with a bang – Lesbian Party with amazing dyke DJs and Drag King performances to have you entertained and energized for days! ✧ DJs: Zora, Kali, DISKET ✧ ✦ Drag Kings: Maryjan Bear & Blue ✦