Eva Isaksson

Eva Isaksson

Eva isaksson has been active in the Finnish LBGT rights organisation SETA 1978-1984 and participated in the International Gay Association (IGA, later ILGA) activities at that time. She ran the International Lesbian Information Secretariat Newsletter from Helsinki 1981-1983. In 1993, she started a national lesbian mailing list, sapfo-list, and an European mailing list called euro-sappho.
Currently, she is working as an information specialist at the Helsinki University library.

History of Lesbian Movement in Europe

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Summary of the plenary: «History of Lesbian Movement in Europe» By Katherine O’Donnell A key measure of oppression is how a group is denied access to thinking of themselves as part of history; as inheritors of tradition; as involved in making communities and cultures that will have an enduring legacy. Lesbians have been marked by […]

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