Lonneke van den Hoonaard

Lonneke van den Hoonaard

Since 2009 working with IHLIA as managing director. Experienced in managing and organizing libraries and information services. She is an expert in managing projects at the intersection of emancipation and information facilities.

Lonneke worked with IHLIA’s staff on professionalization process at IHLIA which is visible in increased public outreach.

IHLIA is an international LGBTI library, archive, information and documentation centre on gender and sexual diversity, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. IHLIA aims to collect, catalogue and supply LGBTI materials from the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

IHLIA’s forerunner was established in 1978 and has a total collection of 160.000 objects, including books, photos, magazines, videos and posters.

HLIA has a very valuable, rich and unique LGBTI collection, which is highly accessible to everyone. We operate in a culture of flexibility and diversity and are interested in each other and  in our target groups.




History of Lesbian Movement in Europe

Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

Summary of the plenary: «History of Lesbian Movement in Europe» By Katherine O’Donnell A key measure of oppression is how a group is denied access to thinking of themselves as part of history; as inheritors of tradition; as involved in making communities and cultures that will have an enduring legacy. Lesbians have been marked by […]

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