Florinela Tanase

Florinela Tanase

Proud Lesbian and Romani woman. Originally from Romania, I moved to Ireland in 2014 with my girlfriend to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.I have an honors degree in  Accounting, and I work for an IT company, in the finance area. Shy of the activism world, I only joined E-Romnja sisterhood program last year where I hope I can provide the mentorship  I wish I had when I was a teenager.My biggest dream is to help others like me get more visibility and promote the idea that “with the right mindset, anything is possible”.

Opening panel Romnja* and Sintezzi* Lesbians defying patriarchy

CEU Nador 15

All around the world, Roma and Sinti lesbians have been waiting for decades to be seen, heard and accepted. Within the general discourse of the queer population of Europe and Central Asia, Romani and Sinti women and nonbinary people seem to be too rarely mentioned, if at all. Both in Roma and queer communities, there […]