Lois Brookes Jones

Lois Brookes Jones

Lolo (She/they) is a Manchester-based Queer, Romany activist working within abolitionist grassroots movements for change. This includes being a steering member of Manchester Copwatch which provides on the ground street intervention for those impacted by Police Brutality (including site eviction prevention), and The Manchester Anti-Fascist Collective made up of queer youth providing direct resistance to right-wing and neo-nazi presences within Manchester and beyond.

Opening panel Romnja* and Sintezzi* Lesbians defying patriarchy

CEU Nador 15

All around the world, Roma and Sinti lesbians have been waiting for decades to be seen, heard and accepted. Within the general discourse of the queer population of Europe and Central Asia, Romani and Sinti women and nonbinary people seem to be too rarely mentioned, if at all. Both in Roma and queer communities, there […]