Irene Hemelaar

Irene Hemelaar

I am a self employed person and a jack-of-all-trades. I sing, perform, write, organize and as a human rights advocate I strive for fundamental, equal rights for LGBTI people and women. I am a networking expert and connect civil society with politics, trade and industry in order to reach these goals.
I was with Pride Amsterdam for 8 years until October ’16 , the last 2,5 years as director LGBTI Emancipation. In 2015, I was the Dutch Women’s Representative to the UN. In October I addressed the General Assembly on gender equality for all women, thus including LBTI people.

Dyke it yourself: protest, activism and campaigning

Lesbian* Room 2, 1st Floor

Pride, lesBian* visibility, representation and inclusion By Irene Hemelaar How to be visible in white / gay / commercial dominated prides and how to organize ourselves in a sustainable manner. In an open space setting we will exchange experiences and learn from each other’s activism. Who’s (still) a lesbian? Lesbian spaces and tools to include other […]

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