Irina Silanteva

Irina Silanteva


Irina Silanteva currently works as a social worker and mobilizer at Equality Movement Georgia.
Previously Ms. Silanteva held a position of community officer at Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group. Her main job duties consisted of outreaching members of LBT community, referring beneficiaries to necessary services, empowering the community, organizing various events etc.

Irina received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Psychology at Tbilisi State University. Later, she continued her studies in Psychological Anthropology and got the Master’s Degree. Currently, she is studying at Tbilisi State University for her second master’s program in Gender Studies.

Alongside, she is a member of Georgian Young Greens. Before becoming a head of the executive committee, she worked as a project coordinator and organized number of projects about interrelation of climate and gender topics.

Outside her job and academia, Irina developed an online platform Feminist Coming Out with her friends. The goal of the platform was to raise visibility and empower LBT community.

How do we do it? Lesbians in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

PLENARY Audre Room, ground floor

This panel is specifically dedicated to the Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and we will discuss different and/or similar lesbian* living realities and activists’ challenges in this region and in six specific countries.