Marine Kurtanidze

Marine Kurtanidze


Mari is a member of Lesbian* Resistance, a queer feminist group uniting queer feminist fighters, healers and dreamers from different parts of Georgia. She has been involved in queer feminist activism in Georgia for around 10 years. She served as a board member of IGLYO (International LGBTQI Youth and Students Organisation) and as a chairperson of the board of “Equality Movement”, a Georgian LGBTQI organisation for 4 years. She is a co-founder/organiser of the first ever Georgian queer party series “HOROOM NIGHTS”, regularly taking place at the club Bassiani.

Mari is a human rights lawyer and Gender Researcher. She holds a Master’s degree in International human rights law from Leiden University and MA in Gender Studies from UCL. During the last years Mari has been focusing on rethinking forms of resistance and carving out safer spaces through collective care practices.

Opening panel : Resisting the anti-gender backlash

CEU Nador 15

In Europe and Central Asia, but also globally, the anti-gender movements are attacking their opposition using different political spaces and influencing both at a level of politics and policy. The narratives have been present for decades now, but the level of organisation and mobilisation that we see today can be considered as their peak. By […]

ELC #3 Conference

Once a baby dyke, always a baby dyke