Biljana Ginova

Biljana Ginova


Biljana Ginova (they/them) is a queer feminist activist and a human rights defender. For the past twenty years, they have worked in the civil society sector advancing the rights of different historically marginalised groups, including sexual and gender minorities, Roma, refugees and migrants, and survivors of human trafficking. They hold an MA in (queer) international relations from the University of Sussex, UK.

Opening panel : Resisting the anti-gender backlash

CEU Nador 15

In Europe and Central Asia, but also globally, the anti-gender movements are attacking their opposition using different political spaces and influencing both at a level of politics and policy. The narratives have been present for decades now, but the level of organisation and mobilisation that we see today can be considered as their peak. By […]

ELC #3 Conference

Resisting the Anti-Gender Campaigns

Room Urvashi Vaid

The anti-gender movement is a highly organised and well-financed movement that acts transnationally in deteriorating women’s rights, LGBTIQ rights and civil society. They use narratives embedded in the language of concerned citizens for the future, the children, and the nation that are much more appealing to the general public than the language of human rights […]


We’ll Never Walk Alone: Wellbeing, Cultural Limits, and Lack of Access to Our Nature, Our Darkness, Our Spaces

Lesia Room, 2nd floor

This workshop will explore the reclamation of dark public and natural space as socially and culturally constructed and perceived as ‘unsafe’ for women and queer folks. This workshop takes this as a starting point to discuss, gendered social experience; gendered experience of public place; queer experiences of public space; gendered experience of mental health; LGBTQI […]


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