Biljana Ginova

Biljana Ginova


Biljana Ginova is a lesbian feminist activist. She is Co-founder of the European Lesbian* Conference, Co-founder of Lesbian Feminist Activist Group LezFem in Macedonia and Co-chair of ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey.

We’ll Never Walk Alone: Wellbeing, Cultural Limits, and Lack of Access to Our Nature, Our Darkness, Our Spaces

Lesia Room, 2nd floor

This workshop will explore the reclamation of dark public and natural space as socially and culturally constructed and perceived as ‘unsafe’ for women and queer folks. This workshop takes this as a starting point to discuss, gendered social experience; gendered experience of public place; queer experiences of public space; gendered experience of mental health; LGBTQI […]


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