Natasa Velikonja

Natasa Velikonja

Natasa Velikonja (1967) is a sociologist, poet, essayist, translator, lesbian activist. From 1993 she is an activist in gay and lesbian movement in Slovenia, the editor of the Lesbomagazine and founder of the Lesbian Library in Ljubljana. She has published five books of poetry: her first poetry collection Abonma (Subscription; 1994) is considered to be the first openly lesbian poetry collection in Slovenia. For her last poetry collection Ostani (Stay; 2014) she received the highest award of City of Ljubljana, the Zupanciceva award.

She is also the author of four books of essays and scientific papers. Her poems and essays were translated in English, French, German, Spanish, Portugal, Polish, Serbian and Croatian language. She is also a translator: she has translated several works of lesbian and gay theory, authors as Monique Wittig, Colette, Lillian Faderman, Shari Benstock, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis, Richard Goldstein, Laura Cottingham, Teresa de Lauretis, Larry Kramer and Andrea Weiss.

Lesbian imagination: production, publication and sharing of lesbian culture

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The session purpose is to draw attention to the importance of publication and production of lesbian content in the community and beyond.Sharing of lesbian culture is an important issue for the visibility of the community and for the lesbian social movement as well. Figures and identities presented in different publications represent an artistic movement against […]

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