Vera Kurtic

Vera Kurtic

Vera Kurtić is a radical feminist and a Romani woman. She is an activist and one of the coordinators of Women Space, an organization based in Niš, Serbia and one of is a founding member of the Romani Women Network of Serbia that gathers organizations and groups from across the country into a joint and unified force directed to enhance the position of Romani women. Also, she is a one of the founders of informal international Roma LGBT Network. She studied sociology and communications, the main fields of her interest are intersectionality of different discrimination based on gender, sex, race, class and sexual orientation, as well as representation of marginalized social group in media and public space. Vera is the founder of Campaign Month of Roma women activism, author of Džuvljarke- lesbian existence of Roma women, the first study on Roma women of different sexual orientation than heterosexual.


Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

During this panel we will try to talk about different forms of lesbian activism from theory to practice, street and radical activism to academic research and analyses. Who are those lesbian activists? What other identities do we have and how it influences on our agenda. Moderator: Olena Shevchenko Speakers: Vera Curtic, Patricia Purtschert

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