Ilaria Todde

Ilaria Todde


Ilaria Todde, Italy

Ilaria Todde is a lesbian activist, actively engaged in feminist and LGBTI struggles from a very young age. A butch from Sardinia, navigating the gender roles and expectations that rural, traditional societies impose on non-conforming people, Ilaria found a home in feminism and in the lesbian community and never left. Started out as a grassroots activist and community organiser, then has taken part, in different capacities, in the national struggles and advocacy efforts of the Italian and International lesbian and LGBTI movements. A member of the EL*C team since its beginning, and with years of professional experiences in the European Commission, Ilaria is currently the EL*C Advocacy and Research Dykerector.

Older Lesbians Against Ageism

Room Kurmajan Datka

The workshop will deal with topics of difference between aging of biology and aging by culture, both within general and lesbian subculture. We will talk about expectations of older lesbians by our lesbian communities, but also about others expectations influence on our perception on aging. Finally, we will discuss the potential impact of invisibility on […]


The Joyce Wischnia one. Litigation, lawyers and legal advocacy to fight discriminations

Billie Jean Room, 10th floor

The L word (law, of course!) is fundamental to defend the rights of LBQ women and activists. Legal means can be an effective way to fight discrimination, make our voice heard and mobilise our communities. Our lesbian geniuses, lawyers and human rights advocates, will discuss legal advocacy and strategic litigation from different countries, jurisdictions and […]


Massive Brainstorm!! What should the future network of EL*C look like?