Aida Marukyan

Aida Marukyan

Aida Marukyan is Armenian based feminist-activist with a 7 years of experience in non-profit. Currently advocating LBQ womxn’s* rights using grassroots community-based approaches focused on gender mainstreaming, art-activism, wellbeing and self-care. She is a team member of Armenian LBQ womxn’s* organization Queer Sista Platform and a co-founder of “Girls Talk” young womxn’s* feminist initiative. She is experienced in working with adolescent girls, womxn* and youth. Have experience in facilitating workshops on topics related to gender, gender equality, feminism, SHRH. Graduated from Yerevan State University’s Cultural Studies BA program. Aida believes the power of feminist approach in tackling discrimination and gender based violence.

Self Care: Resistance

Room Dinah Gonthier

Self-care is not only a form of self-love but a form of resistance that is deeply connected to the understanding of solidarity, empathy, and creating sisterhood within our communities. The session will explore the political roots of deprioritization of self-care and mental health issues. It will also abe the occasion to engage in self-care activities […]