Ruth Borgfjord

Ruth Borgfjord


Ruth Borgfjord is a queer woman, human rights activist, artist and art psychotherapist. Ruth has over two decades of experience in the social field, much of this work as a childcare inspector for the Canadian government, where she worked with indigenous communities in the Arctic, and another part as the founder of Queer Sisterhood Cluj – the Romanian informal LGBT+ women, trans and non-binary group. Ruth is passionate about the well-being of individuals and communities and uses activism, art and psychotherapy to this end. Ruth is currently living in Romania close to her family where she advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.

Self Care: Resistance

Room Dinah Gonthier

Self-care is not only a form of self-love but a form of resistance that is deeply connected to the understanding of solidarity, empathy, and creating sisterhood within our communities. The session will explore the political roots of deprioritization of self-care and mental health issues. It will also abe the occasion to engage in self-care activities […]