Marame Kane

Marame Kane

Marame, French and Senegalese citizen, current location: Paris. Political co-coordinator of Inter-LGBT (Paris, FRANCE). Board member of Queer Pantin. Enthusiastic visual artist driven by representations of LGBT+ bodies, black and brown people souls, women* figures. Mistrust human being but strongly believe that lesbians* will save this world.

Panel : Lesbian Desire as resistance

CEU Nador 15

In our societies, lesbian bodies, sexualities, desires, loves, romantic and erotic relationships, are intrinsically transgressive. Giving in to lesbian desire, allowing ourselves to fully experience it, succumb to it, embrace it, is eminently political and is an act of resistance to the cis-heteronormative imperative. Inspired by the works of Audre Lorde, this discussion seeks to […]