Sandra Selimovic

Sandra Selimovic

Sandra Selimovic is an actress, director, rapper, activist. born in 1981 in Zajecar (Serbia) has been on stage since 1994.

Currently playing “Die Ärztin” by Robert Icke at the Burgtheater in Vienna and “Roma Army” directed by Yael Ronen at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. As a freelance artist she worked in the Volkstheater Wien, Schauspiel Essen, Staatstheater Kassel and in the independent scene as an actress and director in Austria, Germany and Romania. At the age of 12 she shot her first ORF TV series “Operation Dunarea”.

With Tina Leisch she co-directed her first documentary “Gangster Girls” in the Schwarzau women’s prison and made it to the Viennale and Munich Documentary Festival.
In 2010, together with her sister Simonida Selimović, she founded the first feminist Roma theater association Romano Svato and at the same time began making music as the rap duo Mindj Panther. In their productions they deal with racism, sexism, identity, feminism and exclusion, breaking through the stereotypical image and clichés of the Roma ethnic group.
As a self-confident and queer Romani, she is on the one hand a pioneer for equal rights for women in the Roma community, on the other hand she is committed to fighting antiziganist discrimination.

In 2013 she won the audience award of the “Junge Burg” as the youngest director at the Vienna Academy Theater with her first directorial work.

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