Manuela Kay

Manuela Kay


Journalist, writer, publisher. lesbian activist.
Born 1964 in West-Berlin, living and working in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Journalist for LGBT-issues since 1986.

CEO of Germany’s biggest LGBT- publishing house Special Media SDL, that publishes the magazines:
SIEGESSÄULE – queer in Berlin and L-MAG – Germany’s magazine for lesbians
She was chief-editor of queer city magazine SIEGESSÄULE 1996 –2005
and still is Chief-editor of lesbian magazine L-MAG since 2003.

(Co-) author of the books “Out im Kino”, “Schöner Kommen” “Diese Liebe nehm ich mir”

In 2012 she initiated the first Dyke* March in Berlin together with the L-MAG-team. That sparked a whole movement in Western Europe and inspired ca. 10 more new Dyke Marches throughout Germany.

Also she made some independent films around sexuality, worked for many years at Berlin International Film Festival and its queer film award Teddy. Is now programmer and co-organizer of the International Porn Film Festival Berlin. Travels frequently to LGBT-film festivals and gay prides around the world, gives lectures, talks and hosts panels or does film Q&A’s.

Which place for lesbian journalists and dyke stories in this machomedia world?

Virginia Room, 20th floor

This session will welcome fabulous media activists and lesbian journalists from Brazil, France, Hungary, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany. The activists will tell us how they managed to make sure the media cover some issues related to lesbian rights and activism. The lesbian journalists will explain how to survive as a lesbian journalist in a […]