Alice Coffin

Alice Coffin


Alice Coffin, 40, is a journalist and lesbian activist. Her field of expertise is the study of media coverage of LGBTI issues.

As a mainstream journalist specialised in media studies, a journalism teacher, and a leader of LGBTI activism in France, Alice Coffin is an influencer on Twitter with a certified account of 15,000 followers dedicated to LGBTI and media issues.

She also has a blog on those issues

She founded the Association of LGBT Journalists, which she chaired during two years and launched the very first French LGBT visibility Awards, les OUT d’Or, which had a great impact in the country.

She is a cofounder and key actor of several LGBT and feminist groups in France and in Europe (Lesbiennes d’Intérêt Général, La Barbe, French Women association of journalists, European Lesbian Conference). She helped all those NGOs and others to understand how to better use the media.

On the other hand as a major French journalist on LGBTI issues, she also educated her fellow journalists to better cover those topics.

In 2018, she was granted a Fulbright Fellowship as a NGO leader for a 6 month study in the US on how the media cover LGBTs.

She was in charge for ten years of the media beat in France’s most read newspaper.

She has been called as a media expert on LGBT topics in several international groups.

She is quoted on daily bases in the French public sphere on LGBTI issues.
Co Founder of European Lesbian* Conference and Co-President of the French Association of LGBT Journalists (AJL). Lesbian and feminist activist at La Barbe and other groups.

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