Pierrette Pyram

Pierrette Pyram


Pierrette Pyram is a 30 year activist of LGBTQI+ rights, fighting against lgbtqphobias, negrophobia, patriarchy. She created in 2018 Diivineslgbtqi+ (www.instagram.com/diivineslgbtqi_plus), which works on making visible and powerful Afro-Caribbean identities, afro descendants, black people, lgbtqi+ and first of all lesbians.

Which place for lesbian journalists and dyke stories in this machomedia world?

Virginia Room, 20th floor

This session will welcome fabulous media activists and lesbian journalists from Brazil, France, Hungary, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany. The activists will tell us how they managed to make sure the media cover some issues related to lesbian rights and activism. The lesbian journalists will explain how to survive as a lesbian journalist in a […]